Polly has written a number of film and TV scripts and has just had her latest feature film shot by award-winning director Justin Chadwick.

Projects in development include:


01 UnsuitableGameAn Unsuitable Game: The true story of Britain’s greatest female footballer, Lily Parr

It is 1917. Britain is at war. While the men fight in the trenches, women fill their boots in the factories and on the football pitches, regularly playing charity matches to crowds of 50,000. Lily, a dirty street kid from the poor part of St Helens, gets spotted by factory manager Alfred Frankland and her life is transformed – until, that is, the men return from war and expect the women to fall back into line. But Lily forges her own path…

To be directed by BAFTA-nominated Elaine Constantine (Northern Soul), produced by Western Edge Pictures.



Untamed: A Chinese-UK film co-production about the penniless man who set out to translate the complete works of Shakespeare into Chinese in war-torn 1930s Shanghai.

Directed by Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom)

In post-production. Juben Pictures / Sinner Films.




03 Edith


Edith: A UK-Belgian film co-production about Edith Cavell, the WW1 nurse who smuggled hundreds of allied soldiers out of Belgium and was ultimately executed by the Germans for spying

Treatment available.




02 9 BILLION BARRELS9 Billion Barrels: A comical take on the true story of Shell’s involvement in the largest corporate fraud case in history: a corrupt deal to secure the rights to Nigeria’s largest untapped oil reserve, depriving Nigerians of $6bn. Lies, wiretaps, inept Italian lawyers, corrupt ex-MI6 agents and a naïve junior investigator feature in oil’s answer to The Big Short.







Influence: A French-German series co-production about a woman who gets deeply involved in the dark side of the pharmaceutical lobbying industry in an attempt to save her dying fiancé. To be produced by La Belle Affaires / Neopol Film.






Pure Happy Everything: a Liepzig-based near-future drama about a woman who launches an online emotions-exchange platform in an attempt to connect with her autistic son.




05 HARD FORKHard Fork: A UK-German TV series co-production about a woman who launches a cryptocurrency to bring down the global economy