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“12 contemporary works of literature focusing on issues facing teens”: Feral Youth

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Public speaking

Polly Courtney speaks professionally on a range of subjects including the issues tackled in her novels (sexism, racism, youth issues, lads’ mags, fame culture) and her screenplays (women’s football, WWI). From 2015 onwards, Polly has been on sabbatical from speaking to focus on her script writing and to have a baby. To book Polly for future events, please get in touch here.

20080401The challenges of marketing a book

The Inside Out Festival

22 October 2014

City University, London

D20100506o Authors need publishers?

Isle of Wight Festival

19 October 2014

Cowes, Isle of Wight

20140228Promoting your self-published book

The Guardian

18 July 2014

London, UK

20130818Writers’ & Artists’ Conference

Why Self Publishing is Sometimes Better

12 July 2014

London, UK

20140324UCLAN Talks

Polly’s Publishing Journey

30 June 2014

Preston, UK

20140614Literary Consultancy Conference

Writing In A Digital Age

14 June 2014

London, UK

20140608The Future of the Book

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

8 June 2014

London, UK

20131118London Writers’ Cafe

Publishing both ways

14 April 2014

London, UK

20140409London Book Fair

Hallmarks of Success

9 April 2014

London, UK

20140330Self-publishing Conference

Troubador Publishing

30 March 2014

Leicester, UK

20140324Kingston Creative

Self Publishing to HarperCollins and Back

24 March 2014

Kingston University, London

20140301LSE 2014 Literary Festival

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

1 March 2014

LSE, London

20140228bWhere will Publishing be in 2020? (And other talks)

London Author Fair

28 February 2014

The Hospital Club, London

20140212Why is ambition a dirty word for women?

what i see

LSE, London

12th Feb 2014

20140114Lost in Amazon: How to Write & get Published in the Digital Age

Voice Literary Events

14 January 2014

Doodle Bar, Battersea, London, UK

20131128Momaya Press Short Story Awards

28 November 2013

The Strand

London, UK

20131118Byte The Book Head-to-Head Discussion:

What’s The Future of Publishers? (vs Bloomsbury’s Richard Charkin)

18 November 2013

The Ivy, London, UK

20131116Triskele Book Launch & Panel Debate

Chorleywood Literary Festival

16 November 2013

London, UK

20131112Blurb Books

Round table event

12 November 2013

The Arts Club, London, UK

20131109Self Publishing Summit

New Generation Publishing

9 November 2013

London, UK

20131106Lippy Lectures

Witty banter with Jude Rogers & Lou Sanders

6 November 2013

London, UK

20131104The Literary Platform

Rich Mix

4 November 2013

London, UK

20131112Social Media: Not just for laughs

Trinity in the Arts & Media

2 November 2013

Cambridge, UK

20131011The ‘F’ Word with Alice Arnold

Ladies Who Impress

11 October 2013

Millbank Towers, London, UK

20130904Publishing for new writers talk

Scottish Book Trust

4 September 2013

Edinburgh, UK

20130903Drop-in session – Feral Youth talk

Kids Company

3 September 2013

London, UK

20130818Beleve Girls Rock


18 August 2013

London, UK

20130821Understanding young people: lunchtime talk


21 August 2013

London, UK

20130708Inspirational Girls’ Event

Beleve UK

8 July 2013

London, UK

20130711Feral Youth: interactive session

Isleworth Pupil Referral Unit

11 July  2013

London, UK

20130626Feral Youth

Book launch

26 June 2013

London, UK

20130608Tax Justice / Ken Loach ‘Spirit of ‘45’ debate

The Barbican

8 June 2013

London, UK

20130513Self-publishing masterclass

Ladies Who Impress

13 May 2013

London, UK

20130422Panel talk

Stratford Literary Festival

22 April 2013

London, UK

20130417The Author as an Entrepreneur

London Book Fair

17 April 2013

London, UK

20130408The World Through the Eyes of Polly Courtney:

Spark Event @ AQRA

8 April 2013

London, UK

20121201Self-publishing masterclass

The Guardian

1-2 December 2012



20121124bWrite Connections

Pitch Your Work event

24 November 2012

London, UK

20121124New Generation self-publishing summit

Publishing panel discussion

24 November 2012

London, UK

20121116Q&A with Polly Courtney

Guardian live webchat

16 November 2012

Creative writing

20121027Guardian masterclass

Learn to Self Publish

27-28 October 2012

London, UK

20121024Byte the Book

Publishing panel discussion

24 October 2012

The Ivy, London, UK

20121003Self-publishing course

Breakfast at Soho House

3 & 10 October 2012

London, UK

20120915Self-publishing masterclass


15-16 September 2012

London, UK

20120728Kidwelly ebook festival

Talk & signing

28-29 July 2012

Wales, UK

20120919Westwood Girls’ College

Talk & signing

19 July 2012

London, UK

20120626Book reading with a twist:

“Literary Death Match”

26 June 2012

Hoxton, UK

20120609Hay with Xelsion Publishing

Book festival

9 June 2012

Hay, UK

20111012War & Piste

Book launch

12 October 2011

London, UK

20110926Momaya Short Story Competition

Award ceremony

26 September 2011

London, UK

20110914It’s a Man’s World

Book Launch

14 September 2011

London, UK

20100916Momaya Short Story Competition

Award ceremony

16 September 2010

London, UK

20100826The Fame Factor

Book Launch

26 August 2010

London, UK

20100506Sevenoaks Library

Speech & signing

6 May 2010

Kent, UK

20090520The Day I Died

Book Launch

20 May 2009

London, UK

20090611Polish festival

Talk & signing

11 June 2009

London, UK

20080827Poles Apart

Book Launch

27 August 2008

London, UK

20080401Sexism in the City

Fawcett Society campaign launch

1 April 2008

London, UK

20071201Women Inc.

Women Festival 2007

1-2 December 2007


20070227Rooks Rider talk:

With Women in Mind

27 February 2007

London, UK

20070130Women of Trinity

Book Signing

30 January 2007

Cambridge, UK

20061125Reel Books

Anglo Saxon Festival

25 November 2006

Paris, France

20061109Scandals, Drugs and Lies:

London School of Economics

9 November 2006

London, UK

20061101Golden Handcuffs

Book Launch

1 November 2006

London, UK


To see other TV, radio and public appearances by Polly Courtney, visit her YouTube channel.