Golden Handcuffs

“A job at Cray McKinley is whatever you make of it. For the real high flyers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.”


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Abby is a high flyer. But she’s not your average banker. Driven by something other than money and status, she has her own reasons for climbing the ladder.

And so does Mike. An ambitious young graduate with an equally impressive CV, Mike is in it for the six-figure salaries and fast cars. He’s got the skills, the grades and the swagger to make it all the way to the top.

But neither Abby nor Mike is prepared for the life that awaits them behind the mirrored glass doors. In a world where verbal abuse is commonplace, greed is everywhere and sexual harassment is just part of the fun, the young bankers are forced to find new ways to compete – and not just against one another.

Based on the author’s experiences as a junior investment banker, Golden Handcuffs is a fresh, gripping insight into life in the Square Mile. Delving deep into the underbelly of the financial world, this novel will appeal to fans of Michael Lewis, Cityboy, Mrs Moneypenny and Monkey Business, unflinchingly revealing what it really means to sell your soul to the City.

Golden Handcuffs book launch

“Her biting descriptions neatly expose the banality of a macho culture addicted to its own mythology.” — Metro

“A thought provoking work which begs the question, are golden handshakes really as glittering as they seem?” — CityLife

“It’s about ambition, resilience and shattered dreams, and what it means to sell your soul to the City.” — Guardian

As featured on CNN, BBC News, Channel 4 News, ITV’s “Excess in the City” and in the FT, The Independent, The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Grazia, Glamour, Company and various international publications:

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Buy now from AmazonThe launch party took place in Central London in November 2006.

Golden Handcuffs is available in all good book shops as paperback, ebook and audiobook (June 2014).

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