First Ever #FridayFiction Competition

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Welcome to my first ever Friday Fiction competition! 

I’m on a mission to get my followers to take a break from their hectic lives and pick up a book.

Every Friday between 7am & 9pm, all you need to do is follow me (@pollycourtney) and retweet any of my #FridayFiction tweets or include #FridayFiction in a tweet to me, and you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize….

This week’s lucky #FridayFiction winner will receive a fantastic ‘Polly Package‘: personalised signed copies of all my books, which can be enjoyed in the new summer sunshine!

Polly books set

I’ll be giving away a different prize each week: free fiction, book themed activities… maybe even the odd book signing… and invaluable advice on the literary world and self-publishing.

So don’t forget to tune in every Friday (7am – 9pm) and just ‘follow&RT’ to be in with a chance of winning!

– Good luck! –

How to enter:

It couldn’t be easier. With your Twitter account, follow @pollycourtney and RT one of that week’s Friday Fiction tweets or include #FridayFiction in your own tweet, while the competition is open (7am-9pm).

For example “@pollycourtney #FridayFiction” You can also make your Tweet a bit more personal if you like, for example “@pollycourtney I hope I win this weeks #FridayFiction as I love books!”

#FridayFiction Twitter Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. The prize draw opens at 07.00 BST on Friday, 3rd May 2013 and closes at 21:00 the same day.
  2. To enter the draw, entrants must follow @pollycourtney on Twitter.
  3. 1 winner will be notified by Monday, 6th May 2013.
  4. In order to qualify, participants must tweet @pollycourtney with tweet containing #FridayFiction or retweet one of our #FridayFiction tweets. The winner will be picked at random.
  5. The winner will receive the specified prize. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
  6. The Tweet may not contain libellous, sexually explicit, disparaging or other inappropriate content.
  7. No entry may contain unlawful, obscene or objectionable material. @pollycourtney also reserves the right at any time during the prize draw to remove or disqualify any Tweet when it believes in its sole discretion that the entrant has: (i) infringed any third party’s copyright; (ii) does not comply with these Terms and Conditions; (iii) failed to obtain the necessary consents as set out in these terms and conditions.
  8. The entrant must be the original creator of the Tweet and must have obtained the necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted images (if any) within the Tweet. The Tweet must not infringe the rights of privacy and publicity, copyright, trademarks or intellectual property rights of any person or organisation.
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  10. This prize draw is only open to residents of the UnitedKingdom. Entrants must be over 16 years of age.
  11. By entering this prize draw, entrants agree that @pollycourtney may: (i) showcase their Tweets on the website and any other media in connection with the Prize draw and use their names, likenesses, photographs and/or biographical information (as it appears on Twitter) and Tweets for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes without additional compensation.
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  13. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

“Intelligently written, with a hard-hitting meaning at the centre of the book, this ticks all the boxes.” – Cocosa

Praise for It’s A Man’s World

It's a Man's World“Dealing subtle hammer-blows to the belief in the harmlessness of lads’ mags content, in the end, it is Courtney’s unflinching and brutal honesty that ruptures any comforting rationalisation for their existence.” – The Truth About Books

“An addictive page turner with a hard-hitting meaning.” – Feminist Book Club

“Alexa quickly became the woman I could cheer for and hope to succeed.” – A Novel Review

“Intelligently written, with a hard-hitting meaning at the centre of the book, this ticks all the boxes.” – Cocosa

“A book that makes you stop and think: are we over-sexualising our society and perpetuating a culture of misogyny? A pacy, unconventional novel that calls into question whether we really do have equality in today’s world.”

“More like this please! This is not your average chick-flick romp. It is not a romp at all. Page-turner, yes, but it makes you stop and think. Are lads’ mags a force for evil?” – Vine Review

“How does Courtney know so much about the music business?” – Ashlea Mackin

Praise for The Fame Factor

The Fame Factor“How does Courtney know so much about the music business? As I’m reading the story I’m thinking she must have been a rock star in another life, or at least be really close to someone who’s is the industry. I feel like it’s an autobiography!” – Laura Warshauer, best-selling US artist

“Does for the music industry what The Devil Wears Prada did for fashion.” – Avon

“I love the way several stories weave in and out of one another throughout the story. This isn’t just a book about the music industry, it’s about fame, success and what it really means to ‘make it’ in today’s society.” – BBC Radio Kent

“Entertaining as well as giving info on some of the little ‘backstage / industry secrets…” – Ashlea Mackin

“A dark, thrilling read -not your average slice of chick-lit.” – Closer magazine

Praise for The Day I Died

The Day I Died“A dark, thrilling read -not your average slice of chick-lit.” – Closer magazine

“I think a lot of people at one time or another in their lives wish that they could start all over again. I found this book to be well written, interesting and the characters very realistic.” – Chronicle

“An intriguing and incredible story that really makes you think…” – BBC Radio Shropshire

“The thing I can’t get out of my head is what if? Could it really happen? I actually think it could….” – SJW

“A fascinating read.” – BBC Radio Kent

“This book is revolutionary for the British reader.” – Cooltura

Praise for Poles Apart

Poles Apart“This book is revolutionary for the British reader.” – Cooltura

“There is something very real and immediate about Marta’s new experience of London” – Polski Express

“I find myself looking at girls I see out and about, wondering whether their experiences have been like Marta’s”. – Avon

“Her biting descriptions neatly expose the banality of a macho culture addicted to its own mythology.” – Metro

Praise for Golden Handcuffs

books_GH“Her biting descriptions neatly expose the banality of a macho culture addicted to its own mythology.” – Metro

“A thought provoking work which begs the question, are golden handshakes really as glittering as they seem?” – CityLife

“This could’ve been written about me. If you’ve ever been in banking, law, accountancy or consultancy, or if (especially if) you’re considering going into them, you have to read this book.” – Square Mile