“This is not just a story – this is many children’s reality” – Gracia McGrath OBE, Chief Executive Chance UK

Feral Youth takes us into the (under)world of Alesha & JJ through a great story that is beautifully written and makes compulsive reading.


Obviously those of us who work and volunteer with children & young people in inner cities know that for many young people, this is not just a story; this way of life, or one very like it, is their reality. And that also makes this a very important book because everyone needs to know that many children live unsupported, frightening & dangerous lives that often go unseen by adults even if those children live on their doorstep.

I hope people read this book and find out how they can become Miss Merfield to a vulnerable young person.

– Gracia McGrath OBE, Chief Executive Chance UK

Chance UK work with 5 – 11 year olds with behavioural difficulties, those children most likely to go on to criminal, offending behaviour later in life. The children are matched with adult volunteer mentors who help them find ways of improving their behaviour, raise their aspirations & develop new skills that improve their life chances.